Yuval and Merav Nathan

Yuval and Merav Nathan

Selected by Saatchi and Saatchi's new directors showcase 2009, among the top new directors in 2009, Yuval and Merav Nathan became internationally recognized and appreciated names in stop-motion animation and for rhythmic music videos.

Since they have joined forces in 2006 the Nathans has created several music videos and commercials for brands such as Comcast, IKEA, Goody, The Spanish lottery, Big Brother Israel and Coca Cola, The Nathan's work is known by its versatility and originality. In every work they invent themselves from scratch. Though, there is a line that connect the works by the way the story flows, the staging of the shots, and the fluent animation.

These two artists (who are husband and wife) come from different fields of creation and together they create a unique style that combines photography, design, 3d animation, stop motion and 2d compositing.

The Nathan's resume includes a Grammy nomination with the music video “Her Morning Elegance”; winning the prestigious Annie award for the best commercial as well as many awards from festivals around the world, with their work having been covered in international magazines and blogs.

Work by Yuval and Merav Nathan