Sarah van den Boom

Sarah van den Boom
Student in the Met workshop of Penninghen and then at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, Sarah received her degree with honors in 2000. Her short film Novecento, Pianist, an adaptation

Alessandro Barrico’s work has received much acclaim in festivals and throughout the animation world.

In 2005, she along with four other french film directors, a music composer and her husband Richard, created the production company Papy3D. Papy3D produced her third film, The Skeleton Woman, which was a festival favorite.

Sarah has directed several commercials for Acme Filmworks and has worked as an animator on several movies, including Persepolis. She also worked as a 2D caracter designer for the series Pok & Mok for studio Vivement Lundi, a studio which specializes in models and puppet animation. Inspired by the work of the model background team, Sarah has been exploring the many possibilities of photography and model making in her personal productions.

She's currently working on her new short film, "In Deep Water", a coproduction between Papy3D and the ONF.

Work by Sarah van den Boom