David Wachtenheim & Robert Marianetti

David Wachtenheim & Robert Marianetti

Robert Marianetti and David Wachtenheim are the creatives behind W/M Animation a full-service animation company based in New York that has produced and directed award-winning work for clients ranging from Cartoon Network, HBO, Disney/ABC, Universal, ESPN, Fox TV, Comedy Central, NBC, Sesame Workshop and Coca Cola. Before teaming up to form W/M Animation, David and Robert worked separately as writers, directors and producers with various animation studios in New York and Los Angeles.

Shortly after its creation in 1999, W/M Animation became the premiere animation production company for Saturday Night Live’s TV Funhouse, created by Robert Smigel, for over 9 seasons. Their animation has won numerous awards including First Place at the Ottawa International Film Festival in 2004 for Saddam and Osama and in 2006 for Journey to The Disney Vault, which they also co-wrote. In 2001, W/M served as Animation Creative Directors and Producers on the Comedy Central cult classic TV Funhouse. Starting in 2004, they went on to direct and design the pilot and 13 episodes of the series Stroker and Hoop for Adult Swim. In 2008 they designed and directed the CG television pilot for Happy Madison/Fox TV's The Animals. For the children's market W/M Animation has created animation for such beloved institutions as Cartoon Network (over 24 interstitials), Sesame Street (the unforgettable and powerful letters 'K' and 'Q') as well as Schoolhouse Rock.

W/M has just finished production on a half hour animated musical, My Depression (The Up and Down and Up od It), based on a picture book by the critically acclaimed writer and composer, Elizabeth Swados. They not only directed and animated the film but also co-wrote the script (as well as a few songs) for Sheila Nevins’ HBO Documentary unit. It's scheduled to have its world premiere April of 2014 at The Tribeca Film Festival.

Currently, David and Robert are working for Sony Pictures Animation as Heads of Story on the animated feature Hotel Transylvania 2, executive produced and written by Adam Sandler and Robert Smigel.

Work by David Wachtenheim & Robert Marianetti