Daniel Guyonnet

Daniel Guyonnet

Daniel Guyonnet was born in Paris. He attended the Paris École Duperré and was a student of the comics artist Georges Pichard, but is an autodidact in the art of animation.

During the 80’s, he was a member of the artist group Banlieue-Banlieue, then later on was the co-founder of the Rouge Gorge art magazine.

He got a César Award for is short film The Chimerical Staircase, and produced a serial of short movies, Intermezzo, depicting characters in gear with their own clumsiness. During the 2000’s, he directed We are Immortal, Phoenix and Bugs.

He has worked with Acmefilmworks since 2001, he participated to the Drew Carey's Green Screen Show, which was a huge success, and has made many TV spots and illustrations for Principal Financial Group.

Work by Daniel Guyonnet